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  1. Impulse Lectures: 15 to 30 minutes: the essence of the idea.
  2. Standard Lectures: 1 to 2 hours: a large knowledge transfer and a bit of practical experience
  3. Workshop Lectures: 2 to 4 hours: a large knowledge transfer in combination with extended exercises and feedback
General issues
I would love to customize my content to your companies themes as well as or developing new versions of my standard lectures, which are held in a dialogue manner: I integrate the audience throughout. Depending on the topic and your needs, I also integrate sequences of mini-exercises to energize the audience and get them actively involved in the learning process. The number of participants is not limited.
"Feel it! Intuition in companies" – Standard Lecture: Pair-exercises, group discussion of the exercises, fields of application of intuition in management, scientific models of explanation, possibilities of training.
"Clueless!? Nichtwissen as a problem and resource in companies." Standard Lecture: How does Nichtwissen occur in companies? Types of Nichtwissen, Problems caused by Nichtwissen, How can Nichtwissen contribute to added value? Constructive culture of Nichtwissen, possibility space.