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Unfortunately I have written nearly all my stuff until today in German – but I am working on the second english publication together with one of my partners, Tom Klug. And for those of you who are able to read German: You will find some really interesting papers and books.
Zeuch, A. (Ed.) (2007): Management von Nichtwissen in Unternehmen. Heidelberg: Carl-Auer ("Management of Nichtwissen in companies": The first hands-on book in Germany on Nichtwissen in Management.)
Authors & Interviewpartners
Articles by Harrison Owen, Claus-Otto Scharmer (MIT), Andreas Zeuch and others. The contributions are added by Interviews with German Top-Managers like Dieter Brandes (ALDI/Metro), Klaus Kobjoll (Hotel Schindlerhof GmbH), Walter Lindemann (Deutsche Post AG), Thomas Terhaar (Deutsche Bank Bauspar AG), Thomas Ventzke (Rolf Benz AG) and Götz Werner (dm-drogerie markt).
"While some are still busy finally getting a grip on knowledge, others are thinking about the phenomenon of Nichtwissen which probably is much more important than knowledge from a quantitative point of view. In this book you will find a diversity of different contributions, which deal with the topic in an inspiring manner."
Cornelia Hegele-Raih (Harvard Business Manager (German version of the Harvard Business Review), Juni 2007)
"Andreas Zeuch wants to give managers, internal and external consultants hands-on suggestions how to manage Nichtwissen in companies. Result: An outstanding book dealing Knowledge-Management from different perspectives."
Hubert R. Kuhn (Training aktuell, Juni 2007)